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Wine Bar

Wine by the glass… the future of a good service

The Wine Bar allows you to have 14 bottles at an ideal serving temperature, including 8 opened bottles, preserved for up to 10 days!

The only product to serve wine by the glass from the bottle. Wine Bar contributes to a high quality service by respecting the tradition of serving wine at the table.

2 temperature zones to meet all your requirements

Independent compartments which can be set from 6 to 18°C to bring your wine to an optimal serving temperature: 4 reds / 4 whites OR 8 whites OR 8 reds.
Display for easy temperature monitoring.

Wine bottles displayed through the glass

Modern design, sliding glass doors. A modern design, that emphasizes the natural elegance of glass, and over 50 shades of lighting to choose from to enhance your most prestigious bottles.

Oxygen extraction system

Open bottles preserved for up to 10 days with no oxidation. (Subject to use)
User-friendly: easy to handle and maintain.

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