Wine Bar 8.0

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The Wine Bar allows you to have 14 bottles at an ideal serving temperature. 8 open bottles, 6 at the rear.

The only product to serve wine by free pouring from the bottle into a measure or at the table into the glass.

Preserves open bottles for up to 10 days (subject to how much oxygen has been dissolved in the wine prior to it being placed in the unit) under the perfect monitored vacuum at 0.3atm. In the unlikely event any air enters the open bottle, the Wine Bar will remove it again. It is proven that the appropriate partial vacuum above the wine surface within an open bottle slows the reaction of the wine with oxygen. The problem with pumps and stoppers is that most people use too strong a vacuum (or not strong enough) and the vacuum only remains for a short time as the stoppers allow air to slowly leak back into the bottle.

Simply open the door and insert the open bottle up into the vacuum hood. If the wine is not open, it is a perfect wine bottle cooler. The vacuum will run for much longer before stopping if the wine is not open. Two separate compartments with temperature display for either red or white at the touch of a button. Set each compartment anywhere from 6 - 18°C. After the initial vacuum sound, lasting 5 seconds, the unit runs extremely quietly.

The unit is internally illuminated by LEDs with a variety of coloured lighting options operated by remote control.

Wine Bar 8.0

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Brand/Manufacturer EuroCave
Dimensions H602 x W1072 x D460
Cabinet Usage By The Glass
Cabinet Range Wine Bar